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How do you ensure that your business space has a comfortable temperature all year round, despite harsh conditions outside? A good quality industrial oil furnace can provide your business with powerful but even heating, with the most efficient models saving you significant amounts of money on your energy bill.

So how does an industrial oil furnace work? The components of an industrial furnace include the radiant section, convection section, radiant coil, burner, soot blower, stack, insulation, foundations and access doors. In an industrial oil furnace, fuel flows into the burner and is burnt with air provided from an air blower. There can be more than one burner in the oil furnace, which can be arranged in cells that heat a certain set of tubes. An industrial oil furnace could be mounted on the floor, wall or roof, depending on its design. The flames heat up the tubes, which then heat the fluid inside in the first part of the furnace known as the radiant section or firebox. In this chamber where combustion takes place, the heat is transferred mainly by radiation to tubes around the fire in the chamber. During operation, the access doors are bolted securely using high temperature gaskets. The insulation component of an industrial oil burner is essential for improving the furnace’s efficiency by minimizing the escape of heat from the heated chamber. Commercial oil furnaces require expert installation.

Types of industrial oil burners

There are a few different types of industrial oil burners. An oil burner can either vaporize and/or atomize the fuel oil. There are gun-type (atomizing) burners, pot-type (vaporizing) burners, and rotary-type fuel oil burners. The atomization technology allows for monthly maintenance and can eliminate the tedious daily cleaning required by the pot-type burners. Oil furnaces are also available in multi-position, upflow, horizontal & downflow models. Heat output varies with fuel type, building design, placement and heat loss. The oil-fired furnaces feature the lowest sound levels & leakage rates, gasketed doors & blower compartment with quarter turn door latches.

Prices of industrial oil burners/furnaces

The price of industrial oil burners can be upwards of $6000. The Lanair Ductable Waste Oil Heater 200,000 BTU with a 215 gallon tank and roof chimney kit costs around $6600 online. It has the latest burner technology and lean manufacturing efficiencies to produce a reliable heater for the lowest price in the industry. Also available to buy online for around $6400 is the Lanair Waste Oil-Fired Thermostat-Controlled Heater Package – 300,000 BTU with a 10,000 square foot capacity and through the roof chimney. The ductable heaters on the described models can be exhausted out the top, back, right, or left.  The advantage of using waste oil is that it eliminates the cost to haul used oil off-site and it will reduce your heating bills. In addition, burning waste oil to receive “free” heat deals with a major pollution problem in an environmentally friendly way.

However, be aware that these units are not intended for residential use and must be installed by a licensed contractor. Contact Domino’s Furnace Service for your industrial oil furnace installation and servicing needs. We can advise you on the best industrial oil furnace for your business.

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