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Oil Furnace Prices

How Much Is a New Oil Furnace?

If you are looking for a new oil furnace, it is wise to compare prices between the different types of furnaces. The cost of a new oil furnace can range from $1,800 to $2,800, without including the installation cost. It is not recommended to install a new oil furnace on your own so you should also account for the fee of installation by a trained oil furnace contractor, who would charge $300-$400 in labor for around 5 hours of work. The cost of installing an oil furnace will also depend on the material that is used, as well as the supplies and tools. You also want to get the right size oil furnace, as oversizing will not produce any benefit. There are four different furnaces that you need to be aware of when looking for a new oil furnace, the single stage, two stage, two stage variable and modulating.  Each one will cost around $90-100 to run, but there are differences in the average cost of each.

Types of Oil Furnaces

The single stage furnace, including installation cost, will be around $2100. It has one speed on the blower motor and one heat setting, which means that once you turn on the furnace, it will not change and only shuts off when it reaches the temperature setting on the thermostat. These kinds of furnaces normally come with a five-year warranty. The two-stage furnace has two stages on the burners that stay at one set speed. Practically, this means that if the furnace cannot reach the temperature you have set on your thermostat within a given amount of time, it will increase the burner to provide more comfort. These are priced at around $2300 for one that is installed. The two-stage variable speed furnace has more than one speed on the blower motor, and two stage settings on the burner ports. If you set a higher temperature on the thermostat, or if there is a sudden blast of cold air from outside, the thermostat will pick up on the drop in temperature and the blower motor will increase speed to reach this temperature. This kind of burner works on a 19-minute cycle, remembering where it started from, so it increases air flow to all areas of the home. The two-stage variable speed furnace averages $2800 once installed. The modulating furnace will work like the variable speed furnace, except that it usually comes with a brushless DC motor, which is larger than the blower motor in a two-stage variable speed furnace. This kind of furnace is the most expensive, at $3200 after installation, but it is the best furnace for those who have a large home with many rooms.

Oil Furnace Compare Costs

If you would like more expert advice on the cost of a new oil furnace to suit your budget and needs, give Domino’s Furnace Service a call. If you ask a salesman of oil furnaces, they will likely advise you to buy the most premium and expensive model, even if it is not necessary or beneficial for your space. One of our friendly and knowledgeable team will be able to inspect your home or business, and help you make the right choice for your home or business.

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