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To keep your oil furnace in top condition and burning energy efficiently, it is crucial to have a maintenance plan, and annual tune ups done by a professional contractor. You probably don’t think about these steps until your oil furnace stops working, but it’s wise to prevent problems rather than having to spend more money fixing them later.

We Provide Oil Furnace Maintenance Service & Oil Burner Service

Oil burner maintenance involves tasks that you can do on your own, as well as tasks that you should leave to the oil furnace contractor. The things you can do between professional inspection include visual and aural inspection. You can examine your furnace for signs of black soot, as soot outside the furnace could indicate that your unit is burning more than just oil. Also, have a look at the color of the smoke escaping the chimney. If the smoke is black, the oil may not be burned completely. In addition, listen for strange rattling or vibrating sounds emitted by the furnace blower. If you notice these warning signs of a furnace needing repair, contact Domino’s Furnace Service’s specialists. Another do-it-yourself job is removing the dust from around the furnace to reduce allergens in the air and prevent the burned dust particles from wandering around your house or industrial building. You could also change the air filter on your own, according to your operator’s manual, as often as it recommends.

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Why Is An Annual Burner Tune-up Necessary

If you would rather leave it to a trained professional, Domino’s Furnace Service is happy to help you. In addition to the above steps, if you hire us to do a maintenance inspection, one of our oil burner specialists will check the fan belt for cracks or fraying, as well as making sure the belt is tight and secure. They will then lubricate the blower motor fittings to reduce friction and extend the furnace’s life. They will also clean the burner nozzle to prevent clogs and allow oil to freely flow into the furnace burner.

A comprehensive oil furnace tune up is more detailed than a maintenance inspection. An annual tune up is recommended and will include complete cleaning and all the tests necessary to ensure that your oil furnace is working safely to its full potential. If you would like Domino’s Furnace Service’s tune up service, you can expect reliable work. During a tune up, we will check the thermostat and adjust it if necessary. We will make sure that the motor bearings are oiled, and will replace the oil filter, remove rust and soot, test the safety controls, and adjust the gas and air mixture for optimum efficiency. Additionally, we check all the electrical wiring and tighten the electrical connections, adjust the barometric damper, check the fire pot, check the transformer, and look at all the oil connections in the unit. Once we are finished, we will analyze your oil furnace’s operation and appearance, and make any necessary recommendations to you.

Whether you would like a professional maintenance job or a comprehensive annual tune up, give Domino’s Furnace Service a call. We will take wonderful care of your oil furnace so that you can simply spend your time enjoying comfortable air temperature, quality and flow. We guarantee that all our Long Island customers will be satisfied with our oil furnace services. We provide oil burner service and tune-ups for Long Island, NY as well as emergency burner service and 24 hour furnace repair.

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