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Oil Furnace Repair Long Island

Long Island is known for its harsh winters and residents in Long Island rely heavily on oil furnaces to keep indoor air warm during the colder months. Oil furnaces are considered one of the most durable household appliances, but with prolonged and heavy use, especially without proper maintenance or oil burner tune ups, an oil furnace could break down or need repair on occasion.

Oil Burner Parts Repair and Replacement

1.        Fuel injection
2.        Oil pump
2.1.     Gear pump assembly
2.2.     Pressure regulator
3.        Electromagnetic valve
4.        Fan
5.        Igniters
6.        Safety control
7.        Capacitor start motor

How do you know if your Long Island oil furnace needs repair? The signs are usually obvious to anyone who knows what to look for or to sense. One of the first problems that your oil furnace may face include not starting, even after pressing the reset button a few times. An over-oiled motor is likely to be most common cause of failure, but another rare possibility is a faulty starting switch on the motor. Other problems include having a burner running without a fire, insufficient heat coming through the registers, soot or smoke coming out of the registers, and the air becoming too dry, causing sore throats and dry noses. You may also notice that there are rust stains below the oil burner inspection port, which shows that the oil-fired heating boiler has been flooded.

Emergency Oil Furnace Repair

Domino’s Furnace Service can help you with any of the following:

  • emergency furnace repair
  • 24 hour heating repair
  • emergency hvac repair
  • 24 hour furnace repair
  • emergency heating system repair

When is Oil Furnace Repair Necessary?

There are further signs of trouble at the oil tank that you may notice. An oil leak anywhere in the oil piping is a sign your burner needs repair, but a leak between the oil storage tank and the oil burner will usually cause improper oil burner operation. Leaks of oil out of the oil piping become air leaks into the oil piping system when the oil burner is running and trying to draw oil from the oil storage tank, because the oil piping is under vacuum while operating. Air leaks into the oil piping and burner cause improper oil burner shutdown, spewing unburned or partially burned oil, and risking dangerous puff backs, as well as unmistakable noises at oil burner start-up. A leak into the oil tank itself or water accumulation from a bad oil delivery, or condensation, can send water into the heating system piping and oil burner, leading to loss of heat and equipment damage. A leaking heating oil tank, one that is leaking oil out, can lead to a costly oil spill cleanup. But oil leaking out of the tank, if the leak is only in the out direction, won’t cause oil burner problems. Instead it will increase your heating bill and contaminate the environment.

Another problem for oil furnaces, especially older models may be the use of biofuel. We get many calls every day for clogged lines cleaning due to the use of bad quality biofuel or biodiesel.

Also, check for an aural sign of improper oil burner operation, such as noises when the oil burner is operating. Oil burner noises could be normal motor noise or could be a sign of serious and even dangerous heating system conditions. If you aren’t sure, call a trained professional. You can also check for odors inside or outside the building, which could be a sign of oil leakage or flue spillage.

If you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to call Domino, as oil furnace repair is one of our specialties, along with maintenance and tune ups. Domino’s Furnace Service offers heating repair services for any model of oil furnace. You can always rely on our Domino’s Furnace Service technicians, who travel to our customers in Long Island with all the diagnostic tools necessary to give an accurate assessment, plus correct replacement parts for your model, to bring your oil furnace back to its normal working condition.

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